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Find The Perfect Contractor Tailored For Your Project!  

Bridging the gap between bay area home owners and contractors

Kitchen Remodel In the Bay Area

15% Off All Items

Walnut Creek, CA

Renovation bridge Employee Kyle

Hey! Im Kyle, your matchmaking specialist


Meet Your Matchmaking Specialist 

Book a 15-minute call with one of our matchmaking specialists to discuss your project and see how we can assist you.

Meet With Your Tailored Contractors and Compare Bids

​Your matchmaking specialist will connect you with a couple tailored fit contractors and help you review the bids you receive to ensure you get the best deal and fit

Man with Blue Sweater
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Construction Manager

Break Ground!

Sit back and watch the experts go to work bringing your dream renovation to life 


Be confident knowing you are working with the best.

Renovation bridge Employee

 Hey! I have a kitchen and bathroom that im looking to renovate

How do I get started?

Woman Needing Help

​Hi Jen, I can definitely help you out!

Based on the information from our call you have a perfect match with 3 of our contractors and I scheduled them for you this upcoming Thursday!

What We Offer


Our mission is to help you find the perfect contractor for any Home Renovation project. Using our boutique algorithm we are able to connect you with a contractor that will fit your project like a glove 


Our Team of local experts have seen almost every single type of project with years of experience in Bay Area renovations, so no matter the size of your question one of our pros is always there for you.


Due to our extensive vetting prosses we develop a great connection with each of our contractors giving us the upper hand in negotiations allowing us to make sure you as the home owners always get the best deal.

A Partner 

A home renovation project is a huge investment and sometimes all you need is a someone you can trust to have you back and thats what we are here for our pros are available for you 24/7 for anything you might need

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